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Talking Horse Ranch

Natural rehabilitation and education center

(Currently in planning stage)

Imagine for a second…A holistic rehabilitation center for horses. A place where beloved horses dealing with acute or chronic conditions, physical or emotional, can be supported in their healing using a holistic approach.

  • Where their diets will be specially formulated for their individual needs
  • Where their dental balance can be accessed and addressed by a Certified Equine Dentist
  • Where their emotional needs are understood and natural horsemanship principles are everyday practice
  • Where their hoof imbalances and conditions such as laminitis can be addressed using a natural trim, alternative therapies and nutritional support
  • Where holistic therapies such as homeopathy, essential oils, The Equine Touch, herbalism and more are available to promote healing
  • Where both short and long term programs are available depending on the horse’s needs
  • Where owners are involved and educated in the rehab process
  • Where our goal is to help balance the horse physically, mentally, and emotionally and get him back to his home with the humans he loves.

Now, add to that a natural educational center for humans. A place where horse lovers can come with or without their horse to learn about the various aspects of natural horse care, horsemanship, and holistic healing.

  • Where top alternative therapy experts from around the world will conduct workshops and seminars such as iridology, energy work, hoof care, homeopathy, aromatherapy and much more
  • Where respected natural horsemanship and balanced riding clinicians will conduct a variety of events including cattle work, camping with your horse, Centered Riding, Yoga & Tai Chi for equestrians and more
  • Where weekend or weeklong work study programs are available in a variety of subjects
  • Where the bunkhouse will offer an extensive library of excellent learning resources including books, videos, interactive computer cds, and correspondence courses
  • Where horse lovers can bring their equine partners for quality bonding time enjoying the cattle work, obstacle course, or miles of endless trails

Envision in your mind’s eye…. A not-for-profit PMU (pregnant mares urine industry) foal rescue and adoption program. A place where 10-15 multi-colored PMU foals who might otherwise had gone to slaughter, run and buck in the springtime sun, awaiting their future with open hearts.

  • Where these innocents have a chance at life and finding their own special family
  • Where every foal will be addressed both physically and emotionally using a holistic approach prior to adoption
  • Where each foal will be handled with love & respect and given a solid foundation in groundwork using natural horsemanship principles
  • Where each person who adopts will receive information, training, and extensive resources in the natural approach to caring for their foals
  • Where lives are saved and lifetime partnerships are born

This is our vision…We have many years of planning this facility, experience and results in holistic horse rehabilitation, the reputation as an industry leader, extensive support network and marketing contacts, and the strong desire to make a positive impact on both horses and people.

To make this vision a realty….We need financial support either through investors, donations or land contribution (southern or northern Arizona, possibly New Mexico). If you believe in our Natural Rehabilitation/Education Center and PMU Foal Rescue & Adoption program, please contact us at Lisa@naturalhorsetalk.com and ask how you can help make this vision a reality.

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