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If Your Horse Could Talk has been educating horse owners to a more natural approach to their horses since 1999.  We accomplish this through our extensive website, the If Your Horse Could Talk show, clinics, consultations, a variety of articles and our natural product on-line store.



Introducing Equi-Spirit Horse Balls,

Toys & Tools


Germany                                          Krichel-Reitsport                                           Heinsberg

                                               www.Krichel-Reitsport.com                               0151/59033021


Netherlands                           Bitloosrijden                                                    Baarn



Australia                           Oz Horse Toys                                       Jaspers Brush

                                                www.ozhorsetoys.com.au                             02 44486226

Canada                             Horses in Motion                         Manitoba

                                www.horsesinmotion.ca                       204-252-2179


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