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Hoof Photos


This page contains a variety of hoof photos; before & after shots, balanced and unbalanced hooves, common conditions, and other misc. pictures with captions. We plan to add new examples frequently.


The If Your Horse Could Talk herd awaiting their turn for a trim. All of our horses and a majority of client’s horses are trimmed at liberty .


“Larks Starwood Dash” owned by Susan Ross of Ocala, FL”

Perfect 2 day old hooves. Notice the low heels, passive quarters, and rounded hoof wall. Looks very much like the wild hoof model we strive for.

Individuality. Although the basic trim principles are the same, whether it is a 2000 lb Percheron or an 800 lb 14 hand mixed breed, each horse is an individual. Below are some comparisons between Elvis (Percheron) and Riley (mixed breed).






Riley’s hoof superimposed onto Elvis’ hoof


Buddy, a 16 year old Paso Fino in AZ. Kenny was called out to do a Equine Touch session because this horse could not get up on his own in the morning. Upon arrival, it was obvious that his feet were the cause of his problem as they were extremely over-grown and unbalanced. Instead of doing a body work session, Kenny decided to trim him instead because you can’t have a balanced body without balanced feet. It had supposedly been 8 weeks since he had been shod, but it appeared that they had not been done in over 4 months.

The next morning, Buddy was able to get up on his own and was trotting around. Unfortunately, we are not sure the owner will be able to give this horse the proper rehab he needs,


Before & After Shoes


Removed with sole cleaned out


Star is another case we were called out for a consultation and bodywork but upon arrival discovered very long and unbalanced hooves. The extremely long toes and underslung heel were causing a lot of body pain. This owner was extremely open to the barefoot approach, willing to educate herself, and asked Kenny to trim and conduct an Equine Touch session.






Common Hoof Conditions . We will be adding more photos in the near future.

Long and upright hooves


Low Toe/Underslung Heel




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